Vina's Tiny House Design by Sol Haus Design

Vina's Tiny House Design by Sol Haus Design

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The SOL HAUS (aka Vina’s Tiny House) is the original classic, full of light, with a focus on simplicity and sustainability. Built on a 8′-6″ x 20′ trailer, it is a comfortable 140sf of interior space. The generous outdoor deck expands the living space to the outside, and has become the signature feature. 

Tried and true, this tiny home has been built by dozens of people throughout the world – from Canada, Australia, and all over the US. 

Professionally compiled as a comprehensive set of 11x17 sheets including: 

  • Construction Plans for main level and loft level, fully dimensioned 
  • Furniture Plan with custom desk and sofa-bed/storage
  • Millwork Plan with built-in cabinetry and storage 
  • Electrical/Mechanical Plan with equipment, wiring diagrams, lighting, switches
  • Deck Plan with awning, fully dimensioned
  • Exterior Elevations (all 4 sides) showing windows and doors and material specifications for siding and roof 
  • Building Sections showing interior elevations with critical heights 
  • Cross Section Detail showing rainscreen, insulation, roof, trailer 
  • Roof Detail showing framing for round window and roof with 40 degree slope 
  • Framing Plans for the trailer/foundation, floor, loft, roof 
  • Wall Framing Elevations for all exterior sides 

After purchase, you will receive 11x17 format drawings as a PDF file by email.

Materials List & Cost Breakdown

  • A valuable companion for building Vina's Tiny House 
  • Material specification will help in the decision making process for which materials to use for your budget 
  • You will receive via email 8.5x11 PDF file 

Includes ePhotobook

  • 69 pages of photos documenting the construction process from beginning to end, from the customization of the trailer to the installation of hardwood floors
  • An excellent visual aid during construction 

The plans are for personal use ONLY (not for commercial use) to build one house. 

All sales are final.