The Grown Up Asian Gift Card

The Grown Up Asian Gift Card

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Do you feel like you've checked all the "grown up boxes" that promised to bring you happiness but still feel unfulfilled? Do you have trouble seeing your self-worth past your achievements? Do you have a hard time trusting your inner voice and instead seek permission and approval from others? Do the important relationships in your life feel harder than they should?

When is it time to stop struggling and start thriving in the life you've worked so hard to create? 

Jenny and Kathleen (The Grown Up Asian) understand your story because they've lived it. They are physicians who understand the unique pressures you face in your personal and professional lives. They became life coaches because their lives have been transformed by coaching and they felt called to help their fellow Asian sisters undergo this life-changing work. 

This $100 Gift Card can be applied to any of The Grown Up Asian's services, including their Signature Group Coaching Program.

Ready to make your own rules to create a life you love? 

Schedule a free call to see how The Grown Up Asian can help you transform your life!  
Limit one gift person.