rePurposeful Aesthetic

It’s time to prioritize quality over quantity.  

Sustainability continues to be an important conversation in the fashion industry. We are starting to see a shift away from fast fashion and the demand for upcycled clothing rising among eco-conscious consumers. Shopping and wearing upcycled clothing brands is a great way to improve your style and CO2 footprint in the current global fashion context.


Luxe Robes

ALBA has adopted a more ethical and sustainable way of running business – by taking the leftover fabric from ALBA's customized suit designs to upcycle them into something beautiful – REPURPOSE LEGACY, which is a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, carefully curated and infused with formal, feminine aesthetic outfits that can be worn casually or for more formal occasions

  • How Upcycling Helps

    Upcycling helps to reduce waste and carbon emissions, save natural resources, and helps to create a more sustainable future. 

  • ALBA x IHP Goals

    Our goal at REPURPOSE LEGACY is to create clothes that bring a creative combination of style, empowerment and sustainability.

  • Ethical Values

    Sustainable fashion, recycled fabrics, zero waste production policy, Made in the USA at the ALBA Production House in Los Angeles, California.