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In Her Purpose

In Her Purpose

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Book Title: In Her Purpose: 40 Principles of Asian Women Redefining Success on Their Own Terms

Authors: Rose Buado and Jennifer Redondo-Marquez

Publication Year: 2020

Published by: IHP Publishing

Book Overview:

Amongst us are real, powerful stories of inspiring women who offer impactful and compelling successes. These true stories give us hope, courage, and drive. In Her Purpose creators, Rose Buado and Jennifer Redondo-Marquez introduce you to 40 amazing stories of strong Asian women who are redefining success on their own terms. Like the women featured in the book, many of us struggle to find a career path, follow a life goal, and face different challenges, ups, and downs. In these narratives, they open up about their personal and professional challenges and accomplishments. In Her Purpose gives readers a glimpse of each woman’s journey — they all took different paths to get to where they are: fashion, art, entertainment, technology and other industries. Readers will receive insight on how to defy social conventions as well as how to navigate and live in multiple, often clashing cultures. These are real-life examples of women who found their purpose and are living out their dreams.

Get excited to hear their voices, feel their power, and be inspired!

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