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Purpose Check Up Gift Card

Purpose Check Up Gift Card

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It's routine to get regular wellness and financial checkups. In fact, it's essential to keep up and stay clear on where and what you need to do to be healthy physically and financially.

But what about checking in on your sense of purpose? We all need a little nudge, reminder, or maybe even a little cheering on once in a while, right? It's also good for the heart and mind.

The 45 Minute Purpose Checkup is right for individuals that:

  • Know what their purpose is but just needs validation and extra resources

  • May not know what their purpose is, have an idea, but is not sure where to begin

  • Know that there is more to life, but needs clarity on what that is

  • Are on the right path and just need some cheering on to stay grounded and focused

Why Do You Need This?

Keeping up with your sense of purpose will create more balance, happiness and a clear path to what you are meant to do in this world. You'll gain validation, feel liberated and energized to follow through.


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